A Look at New Year Resolutions

I feel like I’m waking from a long slumber! I took a nice break for the holidays, but I’m back and ready to hit the ground running. Hopefully blogging again will be like riding a bike and not like some other strenuous skill based thing you can’t just pick back up.

I used to think resolutions were pointless and thought I was some cool cat for not making any. Boy, was I wrong. New Year’s resolutions are great. They give you a chance to reflect on the past year and give yourself a strong focus for the new year. I used to think they were pointless because c’mon, who sticks to them anyway, and I’m already a goal-oriented person so what does it matter that days moved forward on a calendar? Well, I wasn’t technically wrong about that, but things have meaning because we give it to them. I was taking meaning away from resolutions and by doing that I took an opportunity to grow and reflect away from myself. Not this year!

I think my resolutions for the new year are going to be a bit different this time. I don’t want to pull the normal eat healthy, exercise, and bleh. I wanted all my goals this year to be a little looser. I find myself creating too technical of goals that when I achieve them I feel great about it, then I look back and realize it wasn’t quite what I was going for. I end up making a step in the right direction but never actually fully achieving my goal.

For example, one of my goals for this year will be to grow this blog. Now that in and of itself isn’t specific, but I don’t want to grow it to be more popular, I would like it to grow more like a family. I want to engage more with my readers. I want to produce content that entices people to engage. I don’t want to write down ‘get 20 comments on every post,’ because I think it is the quality that matters, so then how will I know I achieved my goal? How can you define a goal when it revolves around emotions and just knowing when it’s been reached?

So this year, my goal is gonna be a little sloppy and not very defined, but I’ll know when it’s been reached. This year, I want to take the messy creative parts of my brain and sort them out. I feel like sometimes my mind is a weird tangled web of passions and talents that really lead to nowhere. I love to sculpt and read and write and bake… but I’m having a bit of trouble deciding how to get all those out in a well-constructed manner instead of a hurl of emotion. So, this year I want to figure out how to use my talents and passions to their fullest potential and create things I’m proud of. I want to untangle the mess I got myself in and start creating a beautiful web of art. Here’s to a year full of writing, baking, sculpting, and any other passions I may pick up on the way!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? No seriously, I want to know. I’m not just asking. I think it really helps to put it out there in the universe that you plan to do something, so leave a comment below what your goals for 2019 are (ugh.. it feels weird typing that year out).

Let’s take full advantage of this year! We got this!

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I love cooking, photography, DIY projects and generally seeing what mess I can get myself into. I am very sarcastic and an annoyingly glass half-full kind of person. I like to make everything an adventure and a half and I hate blogs that are boring, so if mine ever is you better let a girl know. I don't know… do you know how hard it is to try and explain yourself in a little paragraph? Poke around a bit on here and I'm sure you'll learn who I am in no time! Thanks for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “A Look at New Year Resolutions

  1. I feel the same way as you do about hobbies. It’s hard to find time for them, and it’s hard to figure out which one to do first. Or how you should do them. For me, I think I’m going to do a little bit of each throughout the week and not feel so overwhelmed that I can’t do everything.

    My resolutions include being better with myself about running, reading at least two books a month, use my smoothie maker more, and dabble a little more in makeup. It’s basically everything I’m already doing but trying to hold myself accountable.

    Happy 2019! 🙂

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    1. Hey! Those sounds like great resolutions! I think having goals for things you already do is the perfect way to go about resolutions (instead of coming up with impossible to achieve things you’ve never done before).

      I do like your idea about being more open and just trying to do the hobbies instead of saying “I’m going to paint for 1 hour each day”. I just always want my hobbies to feel like hobbies and not “I have to’s”.

      Best of luck with your resolutions! Happy 2019! 😃

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  2. I’m the wrong person to ask, as I’m retired, so to speak. Being young, having kids, trying to exercise, trying to have hobbies… it’s all so hard. I never made resolutions because I never felt like I needed to improve anything really. I always created a safe, happy environment for my daughters and totally micro-managed their food so they would grow up healthy! And, they grew up to be wonderful citizens of the world, which makes me proud. Did I always eat myself what would have been best, and exercise? No. But oh well. I spent my time doing what I felt had priority. I think it’s so easy to be hard on yourself, especially with children, when honestly, there’s a long period fo time when selflessness is a necessity. Otherwise what gets compromised? I see the word balance and kind of laugh. Not being negative here, just realistic based on what I went through as an adult. Every day is a new balance, a new normal. Anyway. Happy New Year!!!

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    1. Hey! Thanks for your opinion. I totally see where you’re coming from. I have a hard time setting resolutions, and this is the first time in my adult life I’ve ever really tried to. Guess we’ll see my opinion on it in a year!

      I think you’re absolutely right about having kids, my mom sacrificed so much for us and always worked on our goals and aspirations with us. My sister recently became a mom and seeing how selfless she has become really shows what being a mom means, in my eyes.

      I think that if you’re healthy and happy that’s all you need in terms of exercise and diet (I’ve never been known to do either, but I certainly think I’m healthy).

      I love your take on everyday is a new balance. You’re absolutely right! You have to go with the punches so to speak. I definitely do what has priority, so if that means eating a cheap and unhealthy meal to get moving onto the important stuff, then so be it. I’m a really realistic person like you and often get called a ‘negative Nelly’ for it, but that’s how life is 😊 Happy New Year!!


      1. Good for you. Being realistic and pragmatic is nothing about being negative. I know you’re really young, but the best “wordly” advice I ever embraced was actually Oprah, talking about how one should surround yourself with only good people. I dumped a lot of friends. Well, some. And it is something of course I’ve never regretted. So if you have people in your life calling you negative, dump ‘em! I might be wrong about that, from what I read, but I know really negative people, and they’re just negative. I never meant to imply that evaluating one’s life is bad, or deciding to read more, or whatever. Certainly goals are good in life. But it’s so hard to divide a lifetime into years, when it’s really, like i said, all about days. You wake up and have stuff to take on, be it family, work, pets, fun… and it’s not always easy. You sound like you’re doing great!

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        1. I agree about the days perspective, it hard to pick a goal that should last exactly a year when you’re not even sure what the next 3 months will be like. I also think that goals should come and end naturally and not be decided or waited on only as a new year’s resolution (if you wanna lose weight in October, don’t wait for January). Also, I definitely don’t keep negative people around. Like you said negative people can’t help but be deeply negative! Thanks for taking the time to start a conversation and I really appreciate your perspective on it all! 😊


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