Cat-Friendly DIY Scratching Wall Decor for Cat Trees

Cat Scratching Post Alternative Easy Sisal Wall Decor DIY

Our cats are jerks. I love them to death, don’t get me wrong, but they’re little jerks. We have two cat trees in our house and I have sacrificed and retired many a wall decoration due to their mischief behavior. At one point one of the little brats looked me in the eye as they […]

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The Adoption Story – Theo

We got Theo in May 2017 even though Derek and I had both decided we didn’t want to get any more pets…then we strolled past this idiot (that name is justified, you’ll see). The weeks leading up to Theo’s adoption, we had both fell in love with orange kittens. They were just too freaking cute!! But […]

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The Adoption Story – Cal

We adopted Cal in December 2016. I volunteered with Animal Rescue of the Rockies and was mostly responsible for creating and publishing the newsletter. Due to my position, I received a lot of emails from throughout the organization about events, new adopts, the whole nine. One day I saw the cutest little fluff ball and […]

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The Adoption Story – Sammy & Oliver

As most of you know, I am a self-declared Crazy Cat Lady in Training. I have always adored cats since a young age, even going so far as not wearing certain clothes unless it had some form of a cat on it (enter my mother and a tube of puff paint to get me out […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Better Cat Parent

We have four cats (yes, that is a lot). We have gone through ups and downs being cat parents. I feel like every other week we are discovering new things we should be doing for our cats or should not be doing. It is a struggle to feel like you are doing enough for the […]

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April 2018 Favorites

gluten free review snacks

I always struggle to remember what my favorites for the previous month were and try to do everything that I’m loving right now and then have nothing for the next favorites. It’s a vicious cycle and a month is such a long time (Derek says I run on Molly time which is slower than everyone […]

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March Favorites

Gluten Free Pizza

This post is long overdue! It was my birthday last weekend so I kinda put off some of my responsibilities to celebrate, sue me. 😉

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